Core Wisdom Movement Therapy
A New Way to Health
     Core Wisdom Offers:   Benefits of Core Wisdom:
     • Customized Fitness Programs   • Total Body Integration
     • Movement Analysis   • Core Strength
     • Injury Rehabilitation   • Chronic Pain Relief
     • Sports Perfomance Enhancement   • Improved Coordination
     • Whole Body Awareness   • Increased Flexibility
     • Inner Growth Support & Facilitation   • Postural Improvement
    • Better Sports Results
    • Injury Prevention
What People Say About Core Wisdom:
"Core Wisdom does a great job of balancing my overall fitness, strength, and flexibility. The one-on-one attention is focused and thoughtful, and provides helpful suggestions I use in my daily activities. It's lots of fun too."
D.P, Aerospace Engineer, age 58
  "I LOVE taking up space, feeling this full circle of energy around me...It's quite delicious! My personal connection with you affected me a great deal. It felt very nurturing and healing - a needed thing in my life."
J.D., Naropa Student, age 32
"Thanks for enabling me to run almost pain free for the last nine years. Although I do not believe in miracles, the results I experienced are unbelievable. I've learned to center myself as I run and to keep my body upright and straight. I now have little pain in my hip and lower back. Thanks for making running fun!"
B.S., Accountant, age 63
"You taught me how to truly dance...
how to fly..."
A.S., Investment Firm Administrator,
age 29